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Ember Hill and her twin brother are both dragons disguised as humans. Their job for the summer is to try to blend in with other humans and learn from their trainers who will be training them for their jobs in Talon, a secret order of dragons. Their identities must be kept secret, or they risk attracting the notice of Talon's greatest enemy, the Order of St. George. While hanging out with friends at the beach Ember meets Garrett, a human and unbeknownst to her a member of the Order of St. George. She also meets a rogue dragon named Cobalt. Ember is being pulled in several directions, the rogue wants her to leave talon with him, but Ember is falling for Garrett and is loyal to her brother. Choices will be made and loyalties will be tested.

I really enjoyed this book. Maybe because I love the beach setting and it's summer, I don't know, but I liked it. I typically don't care for dragon books, but this book tackled the subject well. The story is told from multiple perspectives, those of Ember, Garrett, and Cobalt. Ember was likable and relatable. You understand her frustrations with Talon and her desire to be a normal teen for once in her life. Garrett was interesting because he had even less experience at being normal than Ember. Love triangles bother me so that is one strike against the book. The story was well developed and interesting--it definitely made me want to read book 2.

This was an interesting and fast paced novel. The author did a good job with the character's stories and I can't wait to learn more. I will definitely be reading more of this series.

Cautions for Sensitive Readers:
Sex: Mild sexual references
Violence: Some violence
Drugs/Alcohol: Alcohol consumed at a party.
Language: Mild

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