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*Russiaville is closed Wednesdays

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Reserving a Meeting Room

Room Types

Meeting Rooms

These are KHCPL’s large rooms, typically for groups of 10 and higher.

Study Rooms

These are KHCPL’s small rooms, typically for groups of 4 and fewer; however the Large Group Study at Main can accommodate up to 15.

Booking Types

Individuals & Small Groups

Individuals and Small Groups can use a library study room for up to 4 hours.

For-Profit Groups and Businesses

For-Profit Groups and Businesses will be charged $25 per hour or portion of an hour (maximum of $200 per day) to use our meeting rooms.

Non-Profit Groups

Non-Profit Groups and organizations may use KHCPL’s meeting and study rooms free of charge. Proof of non-profit status may be requested.

Private Parties

Individuals or groups wishing to use KHCPL’s meeting rooms for private parties will be charged $25 per hour or portion of an hour (maximum of $200 per day).

What to Expect

  • Choose a 'Booking Type' from the list above
  • Have your date(s) handy
  • Sort our spaces by location to narrow the list of options
  • Give your reservation a Group Name (this is for internal use only)
  • Give your reservation a Booking Title (this may display publicly on signage for wayfinding purposes)
  • Expect an initial email message confirming your request
  • Expect a second email message confirming/declining your reservation

General Rules

Rooms are available during hours when the library is open. Groups should be careful to schedule meeting rooms for the entire time they are needed, including any setup or cleanup time. Groups will usually not be allowed to enter a meeting room before, or use the meeting room past, the time the meeting room is scheduled.

Library personnel have free access to enter any meeting or study room at any time.

At least one adult age 18 or older must be present as part of any group using a meeting room.

Patrons over the age of 13 may reserve and use a study room.

Library rooms may not be used for any activity that is incompatible with the library environment or interferes with its operations or is considered to be dangerous to people or property.

Study rooms are for the purposes of quiet study and discussion. The Large Group Study Room at Main can also be used for small group presentations or recreational purposes.

Furniture may not be brought into or removed from a study room without approval from library staff.

Each group is responsible for ensuring that attendance at its meeting does not exceed the maximum occupancy for the meeting room as set by the Fire Marshall.

Publicity for an event that is not sponsored or co­sponsored by the library must not be worded in a manner which states or implies library sponsorship. Groups and organizations may use the street address of the library as the event location in publicity materials (a line stating “…at the Kokomo Howard County Public Library” or “…at the [ ] branch of the Kokomo Howard County Public Library” is allowed on printed materials). However, the name, address, or telephone number of the library must not be used as the official address or headquarters of the group or organization.

You can access our meeting room policy by clicking the following link

Location Meeting Room Capacity (Chairs Only) Meeting Room Capacity (Tables & Chairs) Kitchenette?
Main - 765.457.3242
Quiet Study Room n/a 4 No
Quiet Study Room 2 n/a 4 No
Large Group Study n/a 15 No
Meeting Room A 50 30 Yes
Meeting Room B 50 30 No
Meeting Room A/B Combined 70 60 Yes
South - 765.453.4150
Cardinal Room 50 30 No
Peony Room 50 30 Yes
Cardinal/Peony Room 100 60 Yes
Tulip Tree Room 30 15 Yes
Group Study Room 1 n/a 6-10 No
Russiaville - 765.883.5112
Meeting Room 20 12 Yes