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It’s deep into summertime, which means getting outside and enjoying nature! If one of your favorite outdoors activity is walking or hiking trails, then make sure to download All Trails before you head out.

Sometimes the hardest part of hiking is figuring out which trail is best for you, but this app makes it easy to get out and explore new places, even close to home. All Trails has a collection of over 50,000 trail maps, with 300+ in Indiana alone. 50,000 options seems overwhelming, but the app suggests the best trails according to your location. You can also choose the perfect hike for your skill level by using filters for length, difficulty, and elevation. Bring along the kids and even your dog by selecting kid and dog friendly hikes!

After checking out the map, reviews, and photos of your prefered hike, save it to your favorites and the app will give you driving directions right to the trail head. Click “record” before you take off and track the mileage and time of your hike. Write your own review for the hike, add some pictures, and save your hike history to view later. Add adventure to your calendar this summer and download All Trails to get you started! You can also check out our blog post on Indiana Parks and Recreation for more ideas on getting out and exploring.

All Trails App Image from App Store


● Name of App: AllTrails
● Audience: All
● Platform: iOS, Android
● What the App Does and why we recommend it: This app will help you get out and
explore nature through different walks and hikes.
● What platform we used to recommend the app: iOS
● Cost (at time of review): Free for members; $2.50 a month for pro

Adobe Scan is an app that allows you to scan documents right to your device.  The image capture is very easy to use.  The app allows you to manipulate the document and then saves the document as a PDF file.  Then the app allows you to either open it in Adobe Acrobat, or share the file to another device.   So if you need to keep track of documents and don't have a scanner, why not give Adobe Scan a try.


NAME OF APP:  Adobe Scan

AUDIENCE: Teen and Adult

PLATFORM: iOS and Android

WHAT THE APP DOES AND WHY WE RECOMMEND IT:  App allows the user to scan documents right to their device and save it as a PDF file


We have been receiving a lot of questions about how to see your "Borrowing History" in our new system. To see it you first have to turn it on. Here is a step by step guide, on how to do just that. 

1. Go to
2. Log into your account by clicking on "My Account" in the upper right hand corner of the screen under the search box.
3. Log in to your account
4. In the upper right hand corner of your screen you should see your username with a little down arrow next to it. Click on that down arrow to bring up a new menu.

Screen capture of Library's My Account

5. From that Menu choose “My Settings.”


Screen capture of My Account Menu

6. Once the “My Settings” options come up, scroll down until you see the section of the page titled “Account Preferences.” In that section you will find “Borrowing History.” If yours is disabled, you will need to click on the word “Change” to enable your browsing history.

Screen Capture of Account Preference Menu

7. Next you will see a screen that says that the borrowing history is not retroactive, however, it should pull up your past checkouts that you were able to see before. Switch the button to turn “on” your borrowing history, and click the “Save” button to save changes.  You may have to log out of your account and log back in to see changes, but you should now have access to your reading history. 

Screen capture of turning on borrowing history

8. You may have to log out of your account and log back in to see changes, but you should now have access to your reading history. When you log back into the catalog, you should see "Borrowing History" when you click the arrow in the right hand corner next to your username.  You can also access your "Borrowing History" from "My Library Dashboard."

If you have any questions, Librarians are available during regular library hours to answer questions and provide assistance. Please feel free to contact the library by calling us at KHCPL Main 765.454.4710 or KHCPL South 765.453.4150 and ask for Reference. You can also contact us by filling out our Ask a Librarian form, or by text at 765.319.8270.






The Howard County 4-H Fair is quickly coming upon us.  This year it will be held July 9 - 15 in Greentown.  This year why don't you make your fair experience even more special by downloading the HC 4-H Fair app.  Available to iOS and Android devices, The H-C 4-H Fair app has many neat features.  You can create an account and communicate with other 4-Hers and fair goers.  It has the schedule of not only the Fair but also a schedule for the 4-Hers of when they need to get their projects done by.  You can see what entertainment the fair is going to offer this year as well as what food vendors will be there.  It also tells you what demonstrations, shows and contests will be there.  There is also a very handy map of the fairgrounds.  So enjoy the fair even more this year with the H-C 4-H Fair app.



Name of App:  H-C 4-H Fair app

Audience:  Adult and Teen

Platform:  iOS and Android

What the App does and why we recommend it?:  The app allows the user to follow the goings on at the Howard County 4-H Fair

Cost (At time of review):  Free

Since summer is officially here, many of us are going to be hitting the road for our summer vacations. Most phones these days have navigation apps that will help us reach our destination, but keep in mind these apps aren't perfect. On a number of occasions I have had my map app drop me off in the middle of nowhere, or take me to the back entrance (staff only) entrance to the park I wanted to visit. On these occasions, it is nice to have a reliable backup. Maybe I am paranoid, but I currently have three navigation apps installed on my phone. What can I say? I like to be prepared!

If you are using an iPhone, you undoubtedly have the Apple Maps app. I love the voice over interface with this app because unlike some of the others, it plays loudly enough to be heard clearly in the car, and that is the reason this is usually my go to map. I also like how graphically appealing it is and love the food and restaurant options right there in the app. However, I have found that I definitely need a backup for the weird instances it takes me out to the middle of nowhere! For some reason it likes to drop me off in the back of the state parks I visit. This has happened in both Michigan and Iowa. In Nebraska it took me to the service entrance of the zoo I wanted to visit. While these detours were amusing and a great chance to sight see, it isn't always the most efficient. Which is why, I recommend backups!

I have two other map apps installed on my phone: Google Maps and Waze. Both are great free apps and have features that can be helpful. For instance, I love that Waze includes traffic updates. It's warnings about congestion, construction, and emergency vehicles, are very helpful so that you know what to look for and maybe when to move over a lane.  It will also let you customize the voice, so yay for options! Google maps has always been extremely accurate for me. Whenever I have ended up at the back of a state park, Google was able to get me back on track. My one problem with Google is that when you are searching for places to eat, or other destinations while using the map and you get that wonderful offer to Map the destination on the website--they use the google map app which wants to cancel my current mapping destination. My other problem with the google map is that despite turning the volume to loud, I still have trouble hearing the voice sometimes over the road noise. 

My advice for any navigation apps you try is to test them out--specifically, try them out at home first so you can learn their quirks in an environment where you don't have to risk getting hopelessly lost!


  • Name of App: Google Maps
  • Audience: All
  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • What the App Does and why we recommend it: This app will help you find your way to your destination. Google maps tend to be very accurate, but I wish the volume could be increased.
  • What platform we used to recommend the app: iOS
  • Cost (at time of review): Free


  • Name of App: Waze
  • Audience: All
  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • What the App Does and why we recommend it: This app will help you find your way to your destination. Waze is wonderful about current traffic updates and I love that you can choose the voice.
  • What platform we used to recommend the app: iOS
  • Cost (at time of review): Free

If you are interested in exploring more navigation apps there are some great articles and app recommendations online.  Here are a couple to get you started:

10 Best GPS App and Navigation App Options for Android

The Best Free GPS Apps for Your iPhone

Here are some comparisons between Apple Maps and Google Maps

A Year of Goggle & Apple Maps

iOS 10 Maps vs. Google Maps: Which Guides The Best?

Google Maps vs Waze vs Apple Maps - Who wins?



FarFaria is the app that will help your child develop a love of reading. With summer reading programs just around the corner, this app is a most have. FarFaria's extensive library is aimed towards children ages 1-9 and includes new stories as well as the classics such as The Wizard of Oz. All books have Common Core reading levels available to encourage kids to read on their own, but includes a read along option with highlighted text for a fun. Farfaria can be used one of two ways. You can chose one book out of over 900 books to download free every day.  New stories are added every week. Or you can pay $4.99 a month to access all the books immediately. One subscription can extend up to 5 devices. 

Inspire a love of reading in your children today with this app. Save stories in My Favorites to enjoy books anywhere, any time. No internet connection required.


Image result for farfaria app


iPhone Screenshot 4iPhone Screenshot 5


Name of App:  FarFaria

Audience:  Children

Platform:  iOS and Android

What the App does and why we recommend it?:  This app gives children access to hundreds of amazing books to read anywhere.


Cost (At time of review):  Free for limited access; $4.99 a month for full access

Today we are taking a break from app recommendations and focusing on something, many of us have trouble with--reading text on our phones. As our eyes get older, that fine print gets harder and harder to read--I have certainly started to notice myself losing patience with that small type.  Our devices can be wonderful about helping us with this problem.  I use an iPhone--and not one of the big ones either so I have trouble reading articles on my phone from time to time.  I can adjust some of these settings to help my eyes out by going to "Settings" on my phone and choosing "Display & Brightness" from there I can adjust Text size or choose a zoom view.  Both will help me see items on my phone better.  On an iPhone, you can also find additional options for making things easier by going to "Settings," selecting "General," and from that menu choosing "Accessibility."


Recently a Tech Soup blog post shared an article from Community Technology Network that explained this process so much better than I can when they posted the article "5 Ways to Make Digital Devices Easier to Use for Seniors."  I highly recommend taking a look at the article and seeing how you can help yourself or those you love view their devices better.

(Special thank you to our Head of IT, Lou Ann for sharing this info with our staff!)




If you have been following any of the library's social media accounts during the last month, you may have noticed our #persistentlibrarian campaign to get Pat McAfee to come to do a program here at the library.  Staff members were encouraged to like and repost these posts in hopes of getting his attention.  If you are on Facebook and Twitter, reposting is very easy.  But as far as we knew, it couldn't be done on Instagram.  That was until one of our staff members found the InstaRepost app.  It is very easy to use.  All you need to do is download the app.  Once you find a picture to repost, you need to click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the picture.  Once you do that you need to click on "Copy Share URL"


You then click on "Repost now"


Then click on the green "Repost" button and then proceed to post as you normally do to Instagram.


And when you are done your post should look like this:


One thing to note.  InstaRepost will not repost hashtags or comments included in the original post.  So if you want them added, you will need to manually put them in while you you are doing the posting procedure in Instagram.

So the next time you see a post on Instagram you would like to repost, give InstaRepost a try.



Name of App:  InstaRepost

Audience:  Adult and Teen

Platform:  Android

What the App does and why we recommend it?:  The app allows Instagram users the ability to repost post that they like

Cost (At time of review):  Free



If you have kids that play sports, you know how frustrating communication between coaches and parents can be. You are overwhelmed with multiple coaches texting or emailing different information and something or someone always gets forgotten. With Team App all that frustration can go away. Team App is a free and secure app enabling any sports club no matter the size to create a custom app for one source of communication.

Team App allows coaches to send news, events, photos and more through push notifications. Coaches can communicate with the entire team or individuals. Parents can communicate among themselves. You can link your different schedules so that everything is available in one spot. Coaches can even create surveys or in-app voting for those tough decisions such as whose bringing snacks to which games. Most importantly this is a secure and private platform so you are in charge of who receives your content.

If you are a coach, this is a great app to introduce to your team parents. If you are the parent, encourage your coaches to create a Team App for your team!


Image result for team app

Name of App:  Team App

Audience:  Everyone

Platform: iOS and Android

What the App does and Why we recommend it?:  This app is a one-stop source of communication for coaches, parents, and players.


Cost (At time of the review): Free