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2019 KHCPL Staff Reading Challenge

In any order, read a book with the following:

  • A book from any Staff List on Bibliocore.
  • A book from your “For Later” shelf in your Bibliocore account.
  • A book from the 2019 Howard County Reads list.
  • A book that's published in 2019.
  • A book by a debut author.
  • A read alike recommended by Novelist for one of your favorite books.
  • A book that has a flower or sword on the cover.
  • Any book published at least five years ago.
  • A Children's, Jr. High or Teen Book.
  • A novel set in a country other than your own.
  • A book that has food (or a food) in the title or subtitle.
  • Any downloadable audiobook or e-book.
  • A book that involves a journey.
  • A book you associate with this 😂 emoji.
  • A book recommended by a patron or a personal friend.
  • A book involving a train.
  • A book that features art, artists, or performing artists.
  • A book that is space themed for Discover Space.
  • A book that appeared on a past Howard County Read list.
  • A book you said you were going to read, but never did.

If you finish those, you may continue and read the following six advanced books:

  • A book that’s been translated into English.
  • A book that has won an award or appeared on a "Best of" type list.
  • A book that combines two genres (e.g. historical fic + romance or biography + graphic novel).
  • Reread one of your all-time favorite books.
  • A book published the year you were born.
  • A book encouraging personal growth (hobby, organizing, emotional, etc…)

Our patrons are invited to play along on the challenge. Be creative and find books that meet these challenges, and maybe you’ll find a new author or book that you’d never pick up otherwise. The only real rule is to have fun, and compare your finds to what staff is finding and reading.

Staff who are participating will be periodically posting the books they’ve found to meet the challenge as Staff Lists in Bibliocore. Be sure to make an account and follow along! Also, you can download a PDF version of this list here