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staff read or dare challenge

Read With KHCPL: KHCPL Read Or Dare Bingo 2023!!

You can begin the challenge on December 1st, 2022 and it ends on November 1st, 2023.

READ OR DARE CHALLENGE: For each badge choose to complete either a Read or Dare and mark them off on your BINGO Card or mark them complete in Beanstack.

Challenge Badge Awarded
Read any award winning book.
DARE: Watch any award winning film that was originally a book.
Award Winner
Read a book about something creepy crawly...bugs, snakes, etc...
DARE: Read any horror novel.
Re-read one of your favorite books.
DARE: Ask KHCPL Staff for a recommendation for a book that is similar to one of your favorite books.
Read any book from the 2023 Howard County Reads list.
DARE: Participate in the 2022 Howard County Reads Reading Challenge here on Beanstack.
Howard County Reads 2023
Read any book found in an issue of BookPage.
DARE: Place a hold on a book, or ask a staff member to help you find a book you would like to read from an issue of BookPage.
Read a book featuring books.
DARE: Read a book you found on BookTok.
Just for Book Lovers!
Read a book featuring arts and crafts.
DARE: Access our CreativeBug database and try out one of their classes or tutorials.
Library Crafting
Read any book listed in any Beanstack challenge.
DARE: Find another reading challenge online and read a book that would qualify for that challenge.
Read a book you discover on any KHCPL display.
DARE: Read a book with a cover that catches your eye in a magazine, newspaper, or social media post.
Read a book that features someplace you might, hotel, cabin, train...
DARE: Read a book, or a chapter of a book every night before going to bed for 1 full week.
Read a book that you would associate with the word "Cozy."
DARE: Read any cozy mystery.
Warm and Fuzzy
Read a book that was gifted to you.
DARE: Gift a book to someone.
Read a book with a cover you dislike.
DARE: Use your artistic skills to redesign a cover for a book you loved.
Cover Judge
Read a book that was made into a movie or tv show.
DARE: Read a book that was adapted from a movie or TV show. (Movie/TV show came first and was adapted to a book or is a novelization of a movie/tv show.)
Page to Screen
Read a book about a travel destination you would like to visit.
DARE: Read a book about a destination within a 10 hour drive from your home.
In Transit
Read a book published in 2023.
Dare: Read a book first translated into English this year.
New Release 2023

Email Melissa at to suggest challenges for the 2023 KHCPL Staff Reading Challenge.

Our patrons are invited to play along on the challenge. Be creative and find books that meet these challenges, and maybe you’ll find a new author or book that you’d never pick up otherwise. The only real rule is to have fun, and compare your finds to what staff is finding and reading.

If you prefer to track on paper, you can download a PDF version of this list here.