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staff read or dare challenge

2022 KHCPL Staff Read or Dare Challenge

You can begin the challenge on December 1st, 2021 and it ends on November 1st, 2022. Your goal this year is to earn 25 points. Everyone who earns 25 points will be entered into a drawing for a grand prize, to be drawn on Staff Development Day 2022. We will be using Beanstack for the drawing so everything must be entered in Beanstack by November 1st, 2022 to count.

Read (Each book = 1 point)

25 Points = 1 Entry in Staff Development Day Drawing / 40 Points = 2 Entries / 50 points = 3 Entries

  1. NoveList Recommended
  2. Found in BookPage (
  3. Found in Booklist Reader (
  4. A book recommended by B&S on their podcast, featured on Turn the Page.
  5. Mentioned in a Book Bandits Live video on Facebook
  6. Found in RA Newsletter, Library Display, HCR display, or Staff Picks Shelf
  7. A book from any 2022 LibraryReads list. (
  8. Found on the KHCPL 2022 Read or Dare Padlet
  9. Seen on KHCPL TikTok/BookTok (
  10. A GoodReads Choice Award Winner for 2021 (
  11. An #ownvoices book. (Hint: Google #ownvoices and NoveList)
  12. Here there be Monsters (Animal, Human or Fantastic)
  13. Afrofuturism
  14. Epistolary Format (Written either completely or partially in the form of letters, diaries, blogs, emails, reports, etc...)
  15. Poetry or Short Story Collection
  16. A book you can read in one sitting
  17. Has food, drink, or cutlery in title or on cover
  18. Tied to your ancestry
  19. Retelling of a fairytale or classic novel or story
  20. Secret Identities or Deceptive Behavior
  21. The New Release your have been waiting for in 2022
  22. Lock or Key on the Cover
  23. Cover or Title You Might Hide if You Were Reading it in Public
  24. The book that has been on your TBR list the longest.
  25. A graphic novel recommended by a coworker


  1. Send a Bookface Friday photo to Melissa to be posted on Instagram or Facebook.
  2. Do a library book display and send a picture to Melissa for the RA Newsletter.
  3. Review a book you have read this year to be posted in the RA Newsletter.
  4. Volunteer to help with an RA Program.
  5. Join the Book Bandits during one of their Facebook Live videos.
  6. Join B&S as a guest on their podcast.
  7. Create a bookmark of at least 6 books/movies/CD Music on a theme and send it to Melissa.
  8. Schedule and complete a training with Melissa on LibraryAware.
  9. A book mentioned in any RA Newsletter. Email Melissa the title.
  10. View an RA webinar and send your certificate of completion to Melissa.
  11. Schedule and complete a training with Melissa on Novelist.
  12. Create a display poster in LibraryAware and send it to Melissa.
  13. Suggest a RA Program to Melissa.
  14. Read a book from another online book challenge. Then send Melissa the challenge book you read along with the link to the complete challenge list. Warning...if I like it it may appear on this list next year!
  15. Create a bibliography of at least 12 books/movies/music CDs on a theme and send it to Melissa.
  16. Volunteer to record a "Turn the Page" video for Bethann and Samantha.
  17. Create a Community List for a WISE Carousel and email the link to Melissa
  18. Enter your books for reading challenge into the Read or Dare Challenge Padlet (
  19. A buddy read (pick a book and read it with a friend, family member, coworker, patron, etc...)
  20. A book a coworker dares you to read.
  21. Suggest a book prompt for next year's Reading Challenge.
  22. Suggest a dare for next year's reading challenge.
  23. Create a booktrailer for a book published in 2022 and email it to Melissa.
  24. Create a book list to go with the theme of any active Beanstack Challenge and send it to Melissa.
  25. Suggest a book for a KHCPL Book Discussion

Email Melissa at to suggest challenges for the 2022 KHCPL Staff Reading Challenge.

Our patrons are invited to play along on the challenge. Be creative and find books that meet these challenges, and maybe you’ll find a new author or book that you’d never pick up otherwise. The only real rule is to have fun, and compare your finds to what staff is finding and reading.

If you prefer to track on paper, you can download a PDF version of this list here.