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staff read or dare challenge

2021 KHCPL Staff Read or Dare Challenge

You can begin the challenge on December 1st, 2020 and it ends on November 1st, 2021. Your goal this year is to earn 24 points. Everyone who earns 24 points will be entered into a drawing for a grand prize, to be drawn on Staff Development Day 2021. Please see the full challenge if you want to see the Dare's list. This is just for those who like to track their books on paper.

Read (Each book = 1 point)

  • An #ownvoices book. (Hint: Google #ownvoices and NoveList)
  • A book published in 2021.
  • A book about travel.
  • The first book in a series you haven't read before.
  • A book featuring a holiday.
  • A book about a skill or hobby that interests you.
  • A celebrity memoir or biography.
  • An award winning book.
  • A book recommended by B&S on their podcast, featured on Turn the Page, or in a Book Bandits video or KHCPL Staff Pick book you haven't read before.
  • A book from any 2021 LibraryReads list. (
  • A book you want to reread.
  • A book that makes you happy.
  • A book by an author you love.
  • A memoir, biography, or nonfiction book that is in graphic novel format.
  • A historical fiction novel that is not set in WWII.
  • Read a science fiction or fantasy book.
  • Read a book that features a person with a disability.
  • Read a book by a Native, First Nations, or Indigenous author.
  • A book from a genre you don't normally read.
  • An author's debut book.
  • A book that scares you. (Vague description here is intended.)
  • A banned or challenged book.
  • A book you discovered on Novelist.
  • A book with a beautiful cover.
  • Dewey Read…don't like the book categories this year? Read 1 book from each section of Dewey Numbers 000s, 100s, 200s…etc. (10 points)

Email Melissa at < a href = ''> to suggest challenges for the 2022 KHCPL Staff Reading Challenge.

Our patrons are invited to play along on the challenge. Be creative and find books that meet these challenges, and maybe you’ll find a new author or book that you’d never pick up otherwise. The only real rule is to have fun, and compare your finds to what staff is finding and reading.

If you prefer to track on paper, you can download a PDF version of this list here.