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Early Literacy

We are exceptionally committed to the cause of advancing early literacy in our community. We were one of the first community leaders to officially adopt 75in5, the United Way’s mission aiming to raise the percentage of Howard County Kindergartners’ readiness levels from 45% (currently) to 75% in 5 years (2022). We offer a wide variety of programs, services, and materials designed to help meet that goal by developing early literacy skills in our young people and their caregivers from birth onward. Here are a few of our offerings and resources that are available at most times, though we frequently have additional special programs which can be found at this link.

  • Our early literacy calendar which contains tips that you can do anywhere with no preparation – great for busy parents!
  • Every Child Ready to Read’s website – this is the gold standard as far as practices to incorporate for early literacy skills
  • Our Growing Readers program which incorporates all the above skills into stories, activities, and more for children and their caregivers.
  • Milestones – use these as a guide to help keep your children’s development on track.

Experience Kits

We have several “experience kits,” which are collections of items that you might not usually think of checking out from the library. Many of these are fantastic for our young patrons – here’s a sample of what we have to offer:

  • LittleBits, which are somewhat similar to Legos that teach some circuitry
  • KEVA planks kit – Building blocks that can be used to create fascinating contraptions or impressive structures that are deceptively fun for kids and adults
  • Starling early literacy kits – A device that tracks only the number of words you speak to your child, so that you can ensure you’re talking with your child enough to help with brain development

Homework help section

We have a variety of resources designed to help students with homework, from websites such as AskRose, Brainfuse, and other databases such as World Book Kids. The library also features several quiet studying rooms that are helpful for working on homework or for meeting with private tutors, in addition to a dedicated computer lab for children or parents with children under the age of 13. Please call us at 765-626-0830 if you have any questions.

A full list of useful resources for homework help can be found here

Girl Scout Resources

We offer free, tailored programs for Girl Scouts to earn badges. Most programs are one hour. The minimum attendance is 8 participants, not including adults. Maximum attendance will vary depending on the program. Click here to learn more about Girl Scout resources