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Kokomo-Howard County Public Library

Public Fax/Scan Policy

Service Guidelines

  • Incoming and outgoing fax service is provided to the public at all KHCPL locations except the bookmobiles. This service is available to everyone and not limited to library cardholders.
  • Scanning of documents to send by email is also an option at KHCPL locations except the bookmobiles. Scanning can be done directly by the public and does not require staff assistance.
  • Faxing can be done as a self-service at designated faxing devices or provided as staff-assisted service on machines designated for faxing in non-public areas. Patrons may not enter any staff areas while their faxes are being sent or received.
  • All outgoing faxes must include a KHCPL coversheet. This is in addition to any coversheet the patron may provide.
  • The library takes no responsibility for the quality or accuracy of the transmission of faxed or scanned materials.
  • The library reserves the right to refuse to fax, scan, or distribute material that might be harmful to the recipient or that is illegal or a violation of our Code of Conduct.
  • Members of the public are responsible for picking up incoming faxes, although staff will make one attempt to notify recipients that a fax is being held for them.
  • The library takes no responsibility for ensuring that incoming faxes get to their intended recipients. Faxes may be picked up by any person who requests and pays for them.
  • Incoming faxes will be held for 30 days, after which they will be shredded.
  • Staff should offer to scan and email documents for free as an alternative to faxing.


  • Payment must be received at the time that outgoing faxes are sent and before incoming faxes are given to patrons. Receipts will be issued upon request.
  • There is no charge for the library’s coversheet.
  • Scanning is free to patrons, but any scans they receive and print are subject to print costs. See User Fees for most up-to-date prices.
  • Fees: Refer to the most recently updated version of the User Fees to find current pricing for incoming and outgoing faxes.
  • Staff, volunteers, and library board members sending or receiving personal faxes will be charged at one-half the public rate when sending/receiving more than five pages; five pages or fewer at one time is free.

Revised March 2024