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Welcome to the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library.

The library is free and open to everyone. As a unique place that offers space, materials, and experiences for all people, we have established basic rules of courtesy and conduct so that our facilities are safe, clean, and pleasant places to visit.

The expectations outlined below are meant to allow the library to fulfill its mission: We create opportunities for our community to become its best.

Visitor Expectations

As a visitor, you can expect the following from all staff:

  • We value you
  • We respect your privacy
  • We provide excellent service
  • We provide a safe and welcoming space

As a patron, we expect that you will respect our facilities and staff by following standard, civil behaviors as well as following all Federal, State, and local laws. The library reserves the right to respond to any and all conduct that staff deem to be interfering with the use of the library by other patrons or the job duties of library employees. Enforcement of these rules is the responsibility of any and all KHCPL staff and will be conducted in a fair and reasonable manner on a case-by-case basis. Incidents that impact the health and safety of staff or patrons, as well as any illegal activity, will not be tolerated and immediate action will be taken.

All staff will use their best judgment in each situation. Appeals to any decisions made by staff can be directed to the library director for review. Appeals should be made by emailing

Inside the library, we are considered a limited public forum. Libraries are intended to be a place of quiet study and learning and a safe, neutral space. As such there is the expectation that patrons will not be harassed, questioned, or bothered by other patrons in any way that infringes on their use of the library.

Items and personal property that are unintentionally left in the library will be tagged with the date and location where they were found for identification purposes. All reasonable attempts are made to make a positive identification of the owner before returning any items. Items are kept for 30 days, after which they are either donated to a nonprofit organization or destroyed. Items containing personal information will be shredded. Any money in the amount of $50 or more will be turned over to the local authorities within a week. Amounts less than $50 will be donated to the Friends of the Library or used to offset User Fees. We reserve the right to dispose immediately of unsanitary or hazardous items.

The following are examples of poor behaviors and their consequences. This is not intended to be a complete list, and other actions could result in a loss of library privileges and/or removal from library property.


Any person violating the rules outlined below will be immediately suspended from all library facilities and services, without warning, and may be placed on a one-year No Trespass List by local authorities. The rules include:

  • Assault or harassment, both physical and verbal. This includes any form of threat or bullying and includes nonverbal harassment such as staring or other body language that is intimidating. This includes fighting.
  • Child abuse, which will immediately be reported to the Indiana Department of Child Services.
  • Any illegal drug activity.
  • Public intoxication, or possession of alcohol not otherwise permitted by the library.
  • Any and all illegal activities, including prostitution, public indecency and sexual activity, theft, trespassing, and vandalism.
  • Use of areas restricted to you personally, such as use of or seating near a children’s section or activity if you are legally prohibited or are on the Sex Offenders Registry.


(An instrument used or designed to be used to injure or kill someone): No person will utilize physical items inside the library, nor items brought into the library by the public, in a manner that creates a safety hazard to library patrons or employees. Using any item, be it a weapon by definition or an item used as a weapon, will result in being placed on the No Trespass list and possible legal prosecution.

  • Items that are defined as weapons, such as knives of any length, clubs, nunchucks, throwing stars, and other martial arts weapons, pellet or BB guns, paint ball or dart guns, missile weapons such as arrows or darts, explosive devices, or electrical and chemical devices designed to disable or incapacitate someone are not allowed to be displayed and should be kept securely on a person or kept secured in a closed bag or other holding device.
  • Items used for another purpose, such as walking canes or sports equipment, should only be used for their intended purpose. Sports equipment such as bats or racquets, must be kept securely inside closed bags or may not be brought inside a library building.
  • All individuals possessing firearms on library property must comply with state and federal law.
    • All firearms carried on library property must be secured in a manner which prevents potential injury or serious bodily harm to any other person or property.
    • No person may point, brandish, or display a firearm in any manner that is intended to threaten or intimidate any other person on library property.


Any person violating the rules outlined below may be subject to a warning or may be asked to leave for the day or a period of time, at the discretion of staff. The rules include:

  • Computer use violation, which includes violating the Electronic Device and Internet Acceptable Use policy, false identification, minors who disclose any personal identification information, and/or viewing inappropriate materials (such as nudity, sexual activity, or extremely violent content).
  • Behaviors that interfere with patrons, such as: intentional sleeping; screaming or shouting; excessive profanity or vulgar language; play fighting; running; loud music (with or without headphones); misuse of library equipment, furniture, or facilities; blocking passage to other areas; leaving personal items as abandoned property; use of recreation items in the library such as bikes, skateboards, or other wheeled items; asking others for money, panhandling, selling or promotion of goods for a business, or seeking donations to a cause; and proselytizing to an audience either verbally or with materials not authorized by KHCPL.
  • Photography or videotaping within the library without express permission from KHCPL staff if the videotaping or photography specifically disrupts or interrupts patron use of the library or inhibits library staff from completing assigned duties, in KHCPL’s sole opinion. KHCPL supports individual rights and freedoms when exercised in ways that do not infringe on others’ use of our shared space.
  • Tobacco use and smoking, including vaping and any product intended to mimic tobacco products.
  • Entering nonpublic staff areas without permission.


: Any person violating the rules outlined below may be subject to a warning or may be asked to leave for the day, or until the behavior can be rectified, at the discretion of the staff. The rules include:

  • Children under the age of 10 should be accompanied by someone 14 years of age or older at all times.
  • Patrons will not be permitted to enter the building without a shirt or other covering of their upper bodies or without shoes or other footwear.
  • Violation of copyright laws.
  • Patrons are expected to clean up after themselves. If spills of food or drink are involved, ask staff for help immediately to mitigate damage to our facilities. Other than microwaveable items, food may not be prepared within the library unless cleared by employees for use in a meeting room. Food can only be consumed in designated areas.
  • Extreme body odor, unsanitary personal conditions, or insect infestation.
  • Pets, comfort animals, or other animals except as used for library programs are not allowed within the library. Service animals are allowed. Service animals that are out of the control of their handler may be asked to leave


People who violate any conduct code after having been warned for one or more library rule violations may face a longer exclusion than indicated in this document. Patrons need not violate the same rule to be subject to stricter enforcement and may not be warned that their behavior is inappropriate before being excluded or put on the trespass list.


  • Warning that explains the behavior and why it is unacceptable.
  • Asked to leave for the day.
  • Asked to leave for the day and not return for a week (or longer).
  • Asked to leave for the day and not return for a month (or longer).
  • One year ban and placement on the No Trespass list.

Individuals who do not cooperate when asked to leave will be escorted out by the police and risk being added to the No Trespass List.


Special consideration will be made for children and those with developmental disabilities.


The library board imposes reasonable restrictions on the time, place and manner of library access. To achieve this end, library staff members have the responsibility to enforce these guidelines. In extreme instances patrons may be banned from the library.

When people are banned from the library, they are placed on a no trespass list, which is maintained by the Kokomo Police Department. Bans are effective on all library properties including parking lots. All bans are for one year. Banned individuals may appeal their bans at any time to the library director.


Select public areas of the library are under video surveillance for the safety and security of visitors and staff. Images are stored digitally. Video records may be used to assist law enforcement agencies in accordance with applicable state and federal laws, but will not be released to the general public. Only the Director, Assistant Director, or Head of Technology and Facilities can authorize the release of this information to authorities. Video may be used by KHCPL security staff to recognize and identify possible offenders, and such information will be shared with other staff. Generally, no video will be digitally saved after 30 days per the Indiana State Retention Schedule GEN 10-43.