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What I Read Banner

Fall is just around the corner, and that means that football and tailgating are soon to be the highlight of your weekend! Check out our book suggestions to make the best of this fall activity.


Make the perfect food for game day.

book cover

Bring along the portable grill and The Deen Bros’ Get Fired Up cookbook and you’re ready to prepare some awesome BBQ for your tailgate.

book cover

With The Hungry Fan’s Game Day Cookbook by Daina Falk, you can make the perfect foods to wow your friends, whether it’s watching the big game from home or out tailgating.


Keep the fun alive with games during the tailgate.

book cover

The football players aren’t the only ones who will be ready for some competition. Check out Tag, Toss, & Run for 40 classic lawn games that you and your family can play at the tailgate!

book cover

This one is for the adults only! Grab a group of friends, a case of beer, and The Book of Beer Awesomeness by Ben Applebaum for some fun beer activities and games to play before the big game.


Know your facts before the big game.

book cover

Know your facts on where you’ll be watching the game with Football Stadiums: A Guide to Professional and Top College Stadiums by Lew Freedman that details stories from inside football stadiums across the nation.

book cover

Love attending the games but have no idea what is even going on? So You Think You Know Football? by Ben Austro will give you insight on the ins-and-outs of the football rulebook.


Read some stories about the touching impact of football.

book cover

In The Last Season by Stuart Stevens, you’ll learn about the special bond between a father and son, which is created from an autumn spent cheering on their favorite football team.

book cover

Football is a huge part of American culture today, but how did the sport actually gain so much popularity? In America’s Game, Michael MacCambridge tells the epic story of how football captured our nation and shaped American history.


Let the kids enjoy the game as well!

book cover

The younger sports fans can check out The Big Book of Who and maybe even learn enough about football stars to outsmart some adults!

book cover

Bring the kids along to the game with Football by Cynthia Amoroso! This book for younger audiences gives simple descriptions of the game of football and how it is played.

book cover

Football Genius by Tim Green will get the younger fans excited to watch the game, as they read about a sixth-grader with a special ability to predict football plays.


Get excited about football with some movies and CDs.

CD cover

Tailgates are all about a good time, so make sure you have the right music to make it a good time! Put Luke Bryan’s Tailgates & Tanlines into the stereo for a perfect tailgating playlist to play before and after the big game.

DVD cover

Watch Rudy, the touching classic of a boy chasing after his dream of playing football for Notre Dame.