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Library Behavior Guidelines

To protect the public’s access to information, the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library Board establishes guidelines for library user behavior.

The library board enforces policies and procedures to:

  • Insure the safety of users and staff
  • Protect the library resources and facilities from damage
  • Restrict any behavior by a patron which interferes with another patron’s right to the unimpeded use of the library, or which impedes normal staff functions or conflicts with the mission of the library.

The mission of the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library is to provide dynamic services that encourage the pursuit of education, information, research and recreation n an inviting and safe environment.

The library board imposes reasonable restrictions on the time place and manner of library access. To achieve this end, library staff members have the responsibility to enforce these guidelines.

Library Rules

In order to maintain a pleasant environment and an atmosphere conducive to quiet study and reading, we ask that patrons show respect for others and not engage in any behavior inappropriate to the use of the library.

Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  • disruptive or noisy conduct, including cell phone use
  • harassing others
  • leaving children under the age of 10 unattended
  • eating
  • smoking
  • not wearing a shirt and/or shoes

For more information, see the Library Behavior Guidelines as adopted by the Library Board of Trustees, 2007. A copy is available at the Reference Desk.