Collection Management Dept Staff

We are the Collection Management Department! Don’t worry, that name simply means that we manage the collection of books and other library items…we have nothing to do with collecting your late fines! Every item you check out at the library had its start in our department. We select which items to order, then we receive and pay for the items when they come in. We catalog every item into our library system and online database. We then make sure they are labeled with barcodes, call numbers, and other identifying stickers so that they can later be easily organized, shelved correctly, and located by our patrons. After one last check to make sure everything is correct, they are sorted and distributed to the correct library location so that they can be available for you to check out! A fun fact about us: our department houses some of KHCPL’s most experienced employees. Combined, we have given 234 years of service to our library!